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HeartWell House’s approach to movement, Yoga, and Meditation is centered in empowering each person’s goal of living life in the present moment.  Approaching challenge as it arises from a star of centeredness and neutrality.  It can be said that trauma, past injury and untended to emotions can cause physical tension and inflammation.  In our classes and private sessions, we will approach with all attention paid to safety, and accessing the strength and resiliency that already exists within each person.

New to Yoga? One of the many great benefits of Yoga is that we can get very specific to what area in the body we choose to support. Some classes may be dedicated to supporting the kidneys and adrenals, and other classes might be dedicated toward supporting lung and respiratory health. We will always begin with a centering meditation that may include breath work, mantra (sacred phrases), and warm-ups.  Beginners are always welcome regardless of ability.

This class will assist with building strength, supporting the nervous system, and enhancing your centeredness as you enter your day. In utilizing specific breathing practices, and physical asana sequence, this class will benefit our physical body and reduce stress.

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